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Group Classes & Personal Training
Staten Island, Pleasant Plains Area


My name is Angel and I have been a certified personal trainer for the last 12 years. I believe that with the right nutrition and exercise/weight training program, you will look and feel your best. 


I train group classes and one-on-ones from the gym in my home.  My classes are small so they are personalized just like my one on one training sessions. My goal is to help you look and feel the best you can be, and I believe my classes will help you achieve your goals.


Total Body Conditioning is a cross-training class designed for everyone, especially middle-aged women who are going through menopause, where weight-training is essential for keeping our muscles toned and our bones stronger. My classes are small and everyone is at the same level. I teach according to my clients' needs and abilities.


I can provide you with the proper exercises to get you to where you want to be. We will set goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your health through a proper nutrition plan. I will help keep you motivated, and with me, you will soon be able to see improvements in your every day physical activies. 


Group Classes 

- $10 / 60 min class

- $15 / 75 min class

Personal Training

- Message to inquire


Tel: 917-418-0231

Location: Staten Island (Pleasant Plains area)


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